Thursday, June 9, 2011

Local rockers release free song, prep upcoming rock opera

Dylan Gilbert has already proven a prolific songwriter and band leader with five albums under his belt. Still in his early twenties Gilbert, along with his indie rock outfit the Over Easy Breakfast Machine (pictured above), is prepping a rock opera scheduled for release in September.

Even the description sounds ambitious and kinda wacky. In short, it's a rock opera based on the life of an ex-astronaut who joins a group of eccentric explorers on a quest to find the entrance to heaven.

Gilbert already released a free track that serves as a prologue to the project. You can check it out or download it here. Upon reading about Gilbert's ambitious project I emailed him to get more info. "It was time to go in a new direction," Gilbert explained, adding that many of the songs are long suites with multiple parts. "(The storyline) was a way of detaching myself from the project, but its ended up being the most personal album I've made because there's no fear. The lyrics are being spoken by another person so it gives me the opportunity to spill my guts."

Gilbert and the Over Easy Breakfast Machine open for Those Darlins Thursday, June 9 at Tremont and play again at Evening Muse on June 24. Gilbert is accepting donations for the project through a Kickstart campaign here.

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