Monday, June 6, 2011

Beloved stoner/metal band's reunion tour heading to Asheville

Yesterday my husband got the text message he'd been waiting on since the Kyuss Lives! reunion was announced a while back. Kyuss Lives! (as the band is calling its Josh Homme-free reunion tour) would be heading to Asheville in September. Today the band's publicist confirmed the news. After selling out venues all over Europe, Kyuss Lives makes its way to The Orange Peel September 25, 2011.

Vocalist John Garcia, drummer Brant Bjork, and guitarist Josh Homme formed Kyuss in high school in 1989. The group, which included a few different bassists including Nick Oliveri, made five records and broke up in 1995 just as its dark, thick riffs (and Garcia's soulful vocals) were finding a wider audience thanks to MTV. The group is considered legendary to a lot of hard rock fans and is quite influential.

Homme continued on the path to MTV, and in turn fame, with Queens of the Stone Age (who put on quite an excellent show celebrating the re-release of its own influential self-titled record at The Orange Peel in March). The other members have continued in music as well (my husband and his friends/band have traveled to Atlanta, Asheville and elsewhere to see all three play separately so it will be nice to have them all in one place).

Kyuss Lives was prompted by Garcia's successful "Garcia plays Kyuss" solo tour of Europe last year where Bjork and Oliveri joined him on stage at Hellfest France. Bruno Fevery, the guitarist that joined Garcia on that tour, takes on the guitar role for the US tour as well.

The North American tour begins in Toronto September 16 and ends in Pomona, California on October 8. Monstro will open the Asheville show.

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  1. Fantastic! Too bad Homme isn't with the band, but it should still be a good show.