Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Influential Charlotte hardcore band reunites for two shows

Defunct Christian hardcore band Hopesfall, who called it quits in 2008, announced recently that most of its original lineup will reunite for two shows. The group (pictured above a decade ago), which includes guitarist Joshua Brigham, vocalist Doug Venable, guitarist Ryan Parrish, drummer Adam Morgan, and bassist Pat Aldrich (who replaced original member Chris Kincaid on the band's second release) will perform Friday, August 5 at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem and Saturday, August 6 at Amos' Southend in Charlotte. Hopesfall will headline the second show with Harvard opening.

Drummer Adam Morgan says the reunion shows were prompted by the reunion of friends Codeseven, who regroups for its own hometown show August 5 in Winston-Salem. "They approached us. They haven't been a band for a while either and were our tour mates and buddies for a long time," Morgan explains.

Morgan stresses that Hopesfall will only be playing the work that the bulk of this lineup created together - its first album "The Frailty of Words" and its followup EP "No Wings to Speak Of."

"There were three albums after those two. I don’t want kids paying money and expecting to see songs that they remember from those records," he says.

When it debuted in 1998 it seemed like Hopesfall was popular from the get go at home. Certainly by the time "No Wings to Speak Of" was released in 2001 I'd already heard a lot about its local drawing power. It repeated that popularity elsewhere staying on the road much of the year, touring overseas and on Warped Tour. It went through several lineup changes, including a controversial final touring lineup that briefly included no original members. Brigham remained with the band the longest.

Whatever its configuration Hopesfall was important to many kids, not only in Charlotte but worldwide. I noticed other Christian hardcore acts following in its foot steps here at home and am sure its impact was felt elsewhere. One fan is flying in from New Zealand for the shows.

Morgan, who has already been playing music with Brigham again, is curious to see how the reunion goes. Before its first practice he says: "This lineup hasn’t played together as a whole in ten years."

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