Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mini Review: Interpol at the Fillmore

I was a little disappointed by the turnout for Interpol Tuesday at The Fillmore (the NYC band has long sold out the 2,400 capacity Disco Rodeo in Raleigh). But just like the Cure concert at Time Warner Cable Arena three years ago, Interpol played probably the best, most upbeat set I’ve ever seen them play - for a far from sellout crowd.

Before the group has eased into its sets like a slow burn, beginning with near dirges and playing fewer upbeat dance songs in favor of slower moodier pieces throughout the set. That wasn’t the case Tuesday, which I found surprising since its latest disc is brimming with moody pieces. This time Interpol built momentum early on throwing out one rocking track after another (my husband digs the slow stuff, but enjoyed it too). I didn’t even notice the omissions (“Stella,” “PDA”) until someone tweeted and asked me about those songs.

The five-piece band pulled heavily from its first two albums. It played five tracks off “Antics,” (“Evil,” “Take You on a Cruise,” “Length of Love;” encores included “Slow Hands” and “Not Even Jail”) and five from its first album (“Obstacle 1,” which ended the regular set, “NYC,” “Say Hello to the Angels” “The New,” and “Hands Away”). “Specialist” drew on that same era. It appears on an early EP. The new disc was represented by “Summer Well,” “Memory Serves” and the singles “Lights” and “Barricade.” The band’s last album “Our Love to Admire” got “Heinrich Maneuver” and “Rest My Chemistry.”

The atmosphere, while still very much Interpol, wasn’t as static or fog machine cloudy as before. Singer Paul Banks, sporting a part fauxhawk/part mullet, smiled and thanked the crowd frequently. It was as if the whole group was a little looser – maybe not as well oiled and serious as with longtime bassist Carlos D. who left the band before the release of its last album, but a little more fun. My husband said he thought that’s what it might have been like to see the old line-up touring behind its first album.


  1. If Live Nation would lower the huge fees on each ticket and the Fillmore lower beer prices, $9 is disgusting, maybe more people would venture out.

  2. Awesome venue and I was concerned that they may phone the performance in similar to what I think the Cult did a few months ago. Happily, they did not.

    They sounded great and played a diverse set. My buddy from NYC was with me and had seen them at MSG and thought this show blew that one away....

  3. The show was awesome. The Fillmore is a great venue to listen to music and feels much more intimate than some other places around town (even though it's larger than some). Free parking helped too.

  4. Interpol was fantastic- my first time seeing them live and loved every minute of their set. I love going to shows at the Fillmore, and was also a little surprised at the low turnout, but as previous anonymous post said- wish that I wasnt paying $12 bucks in service charges and $9 for a cup of Miller Highlife- would be more apt to check out shows, but I'd be broke!