Sunday, May 29, 2011

Local musician part of opening act Tuesday at Fillmore

Second generation Charlotte musician Emily Moore returns home Tuesday as part of indie pop group fun.'s touring band. Fun. (yes, that period looks funny, but it's part of the name) will open for Panic at the Disco Tuesday, May 31, at the Fillmore along with Foxy Shazam.

Local music fans may remember Moore from Seahorses, the Verdict, and the Emily Moore Band. She's the daughter of Les Moore who was sound engineer at The Double Door for a couple of decades and headed up the original Monday Night All Stars. He now lives in Spokane, Washington.

The core of fun. is Nate Ruess (formerly of the Format), Andrew Dost (Anathallo) and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train. Moore joined on as a touring musician two years ago since fun.'s debut album happened to feature a lot of female vocals. She plays piano, guitar, and sings backup.

Moore knew Antonoff through her boyfriend Justin Huey (also of Charlotte, pictured with Moore in the duo Seahorses above). Huey, who like Moore started out as a hired musician, is now a member of Antonoff's New Jersey-based Steel Train. (For those wondering about Steel Train and fun.'s overlapping schedules, Moore says Antonoff is not always on the road with fun.).

Moore, 24, recently spent five months back in Charlotte while fun.'s core trio worked on its next album. It was the most time she's had off the road since starting this adventure.

"I always joke that I feel like I have two different realities. I typically eat better on the road. When I’m at home it feels like I’m on vacation - I don’t need to work out today," she says calling Saturday from a poolside hammock on an off-day in Florida. The Panic at the Disco tour is fun.'s first on a bus which makes it "easier than anything else I've done."

Moore is the only female in the band, but one of two girls on the tour. Fortunately she's got no complaints about sharing such close quarters with a bunch of sweaty dudes. "I got so lucky with this group of guys. Everybody takes care of themselves. They enjoy a hot shower as much as I do."

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