Thursday, April 14, 2011

NC Music Factory announces Friday concert series

The NC Music Factory will begin a Friday After Five live music series beginning April 29th. It will feature national touring acts each Friday through mid-June. The weekly concert series begins with alternative rock band Eve 6 at the Coors Light Super Cold Activation Summer Kickoff Party where concertgoers can beat the oncoming summer heat with huge ice sculptures, ice block dancers, and a one hundred percent chance of snow in the Fountain Plaza at the NC Music Factory (1000 Seaboard St.).

The line-up includes several `90s alt-rock hit makers as well as Charlotte favorites. The weekly lineup is as follows:

1/29: Eve 6 (pictured above) with American Aquarium

5/6: Acoustic Syndicate

5/13: Fuel with U-Phonik

5/20: Cowboy Mouth with Simplified

5/27: Big Bad VooDoo Daddy

6/3: Tonic

6/10: Vertical Horizon

6/17: To Be Announced.

Tickets to each show are $5 and a full season pass which includes admission to all eight shows is available for $20. Tickets are available at Scott Clark's Toyota City (13000 E. Independence Blvd.) is also offering free passes.

Events open at 5 p.m. each day with headliners taking the stage around 9. Although the outdoor shows will be over by 11 p.m. Music Factory venues will continue the party inside until 2 a.m. Tickets include concerts admission plus entrance to Butter, Bask, Halo, Mattie’s Diner, The Saloon, VBGB Beer Garden, Wet Willies, and the Red Bull Outdoor Lounge. A portion of the proceeds from the events benefit Kids First of the Carolinas.


  1. Noah Lazes and his general manager, Ken Thomas, are doing one hell of a job at the NC Music Factory. Keep up the good work!

  2. Now this is what im talking about. Great idea guys, thanks!

  3. No doubt! What a line-up! Is the info correct? Is it really only $5 per show? There must be a mistake?? If this is correct it is amazing! This puts alive after five to shame. I will be waiting for Fridays from now on if this is accurate.

  4. Yes it is correct. They are running ads non-stop talking about it being only $5 and free parking. About time someone woke up and realized $100 tickets or free events with crappy bands doesn't work anymore. See you there for sure!

    Musicman John

  5. Gee, I wonder who anonymous@9:01, 8:18, and 9:35 is. The @9:35 post sounds like a car commercial... "Are you serious?? Prices this low?? We, I mean they, must be crazy!!"..

  6. Anon at 2:14...I wonder who you are? The competition maybe? Don't be upset that the NC Music Factory is taking Alive after Five and doing it right. I get tired of seeing Liquid Pleasure every freaking week! This is a solid lineup with many bands from my teen years I loved. I will be there every Friday!