Monday, April 4, 2011

Last chance to see the Stellas.

Popular Charlotte rock band the Stellas will perform a farewell show Saturday, April 23rd at Evening Muse.

"We wanted to go our separate ways musically and pursue different things," says vocalist/guitarist Adam Middleton. "We all felt like the Stellas had gone on as long as it could (or) should."

He and drummer Jacob Worden have already started a new band, the Spiveys, who has been playing shows and stirring up a bit of a local buzz. Its already at work recording its debut album with Joe Kuhlmann. If you like catchy, airwaves-ruling `90s pop-rock or the Stellas you should definitely check them out.

Middleton reports that he'll also be involved in Stellas' guitarist/vocalist Shaun McFall's new band the Mail Order Brides.

The Stellas, who toured the Middle East performing for US soldiers in 2009, was at times capable of brilliant pop-rock moments. I thought its song "Vampires" (from its 2008 debut disc "Cry Baby Cry") could've been a runaway hit and often included it on mix cds for friends (yes, I still do that). The Stellas had several of those smart, catchy rock songs.

Luckily the band will release the remainder of those as an extremely limited cd (only 200 copies pressed, which pretty much guarantees I'll be at the show).

"Included will be five tracks from our unfinished follow-up to 'Cry Baby Cry' plus a few songs we re-recorded for radio," says Middleton.

Copies will be for sale at the Evening Muse (3227 N. Davison St.) show on the 23rd. 10:30 p.m., $8-10.

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