Monday, April 11, 2011

Elvis Costello back at Belk in July

Elvis Costello will return to Blumenthal Performing Arts' Belk Theater Saturday, July 16th with his band the Imposters (Steve Nieve on keyboards, Pete Thomas on drums and Davey Faragher on bass). What's more, Costello's set list will be determined by the "The Spectacular Spinning Songbook," a game-show style wheel packed with 40 song titles including hits, rarities, and covers. You can play an online version of The Wheel on his website. This approach guarantees his Charlotte set to be quite different from his Charleston and Asheville sets on July 18th and 19th, respectively.

Costello (pictured above) first employed the Spectacular Spinning Wheel on tour in 1986. "Rolling Stone" reported that select audience members will be asked to spin the wheel between songs and will have the chance to sit on-stage in the "Society Lounge" where "light refreshments" will be served.

The Charlotte date is the first in a brief Southern run for "The Revolver Tour."

I'm fascinated by all things random and chance (like the shuffle feature on my iPod) so I'm quite excited by the possibilities and uncertainty of Costello's set list. I'm not sure if the choices on the online wheel reflect the actual wheel, but I wish "(I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea" would make the cut.

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. 704-372-1000;


  1. So. Excited. Love him!

  2. Saw him a few years back at the gym over at CPCC. A group of 20-something women sat near us. Complaining for the first 30 minutes of the set. "We've never heard ANY of these songs!" "Who is this guy?" "I don't liiiike this!" When they finally left (during "Radio Radio") our section burst into applause.

    I'll be at the Belk. Hoping to spin the wheel! And if I see one brown M&M...

  3. Biggest complete zilch nothing since Bono.

  4. Ah, I love your hate of everything.

    Also, just so you're aware, "zilch" and "nothing" are the same thing.

    Let us all know when your next CD or single drops. Or when that tour kicks off. I'd love to be there.