Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Watch Belk Theater's recent face lift

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center's Belk Theater completed its renovation earlier this month. The overhaul includes new seats, a new women's restroom, and a new look. You can get a preview of what theater and concert goers experience in the above video, which illustrates the transformation from ripping out the original chairs to installing new ones.

"The new theater seats are state of the art with built-in lighting and cup holders, but above all the seats are comfortable and will not squeak during performances," said Blumenthal President and CEO Tom Gabbard. The original seats were installed when the theater was built in 1992.

The orchestra level women's restroom was expanded and is now double its former size.Other additions include new lighting, paint, and color scheme.

Belk hosts celebrity chef Paula Dean's tonight and Ben Folds performing with the Charlotte Symphony Saturday before Once begins its Charlotte run next week.