Thursday, September 11, 2014

Former Scapegoat vocalist unveils new electro-pop video

Kit Walters, the former vocalist for Charlotte metalcore band Scapegoat (who began its twelve year run when Walters was barely a teen) has released a new video for his electro-pop project Kit. Walters, who produced and engineered Scapegoat's later albums as well as others by defunct local band Sugar Glyder and national act LetLive, recently moved to New York to pursue pop music more seriously.

The clip for "Your Ghost" features Walters flanked by a ghostly figure. One of those ghost women is my kids' babysitter, by the way, who has appeared in a handful of videos.

For fans of Scapegoat's mix of melodic hardcore and metal, the pop direction may come as a surprise. But it's something Walters has been exploring since the band called it quits - first with the group the New Renaissance and now with Kit. I talked to Walters in 2012 about moving toward a more pop sound and his production work. You can read about that transitional period here.

You can also keep up with Kit here.