Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fuzzy locals release weekly $5 video series

Charlotte band Your Fuzzy Friends is in the midst of releasing a series of music videos the first of which features a couple of dancing mustaches. The purveyors of said `staches received five dollars for their trouble. That's the hitch. The funny, electro-pop band, which consists of puppet master Lee Grutman and a series of literally stuffed fuzzy friends, teamed with "Shutter16 Magazine" to recruit folks through the website where artists post what they're willing to do (and film) for a measly five bucks. Christopher Olson of Springfield, Missouri, for instance advertised his willingness to make a mustache dance to any song the buyer wanted him to. You can watch the video here.

The latest installment - released today - pairs Your Fuzzy Friends' rather beautiful synth-pop song "Mathletes" with equally stunning anime. You can view that one above.

It all sounds a bit confusing until you watch the videos. The first, for YFF's "Don't Touch My Mustache," is pretty self-explanatory. For the second video for the less G-rated song "Banana Hammock" a Turkish video editor strung some very strange footage of nearly nude, not svelte men running around the woods in animal masks and what very well could be the after hours dance party at a convention for sports mascots, birthday party entertainers, occasional Flaming Lips' employees and other people who run around dancing in full animal costumes. You can check that one out here.

Your Fuzzy Friends will be releasing five dollar videos for a new track each week for the next eight weeks. Grutman (pictured), who was also in L.A. Tool & Die and Fat Camp, is the sole member but he creates his wacky ditties about the high school social structure and dancing body parts on guitar and sends those files to programmer Kelly Shane who turns them into electro-pop songs. Combined with the fact that there are stuffed animals involved in the live show, it's a pretty great endeavor. It's so delightfully strange in fact it's been voted one of the weirdest bands in the world by, which places it alongside some of my favorite famously weird artists Devo, Frank Zappa, and Rasputina.