Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charlotte's Jupiter Tide unveils EP at free show

Charlotte hard rock quintet the Jupiter Tide celebrates the release of its new six-track EP Friday, November 2 with a free show at Chop Shop in NoDa.

The group’s debut release is a polished slice of new rock that’s both heavy enough for metal fans, but accessible enough for mainstream radio.

The closing track “Regret Nothing” for instance while heavy with ample riffing contains interesting, personal lyrics that beg for a deeper listen and a continuous layer of fluttery metallic guitar work just beneath the surface that manages to simultaneously remain subtle and showy. Diverging guitar harmonies add texture to other tracks as well. In fact the interplay between Monte Anderson and Brett Baker is one of the band's strengths. As players they know when to stay quiet and let a song breathe. And when the arrangements grow busy with complex layers they don’t play all over each other. Instead the arrangements are tasteful and well thought out while remaining heavy.

The song “Lydia” is a good example of those dynamics with quiet, almost flamenco-flavored picking that swells into a barrage of tension-building riffs.

There’s other interesting musical moments like the echoing bell sound on the opening track “This Is Us.” That song demonstrates the band’s more radio-friendly emotional arena rock side and strong vocal harmonies. It seamlessly blends post-grunge `90s rock with a soaring solo and heavy bridge that plays up its metallic tendencies.

The charging yet steady rhythm section of Joey Garrett and Daniel Hoover add colorful fills and runs while singer Adam Nelson serves as the emotional anchor and provides lyrical depth.

In addition to the Chop Shop show at 8 p.m. Friday, Jupiter Tide plays Greensboro Saturday and Rock Hill’s Firewater 110 on November 9. For more about the band click here or find it on Facebook