Friday, August 28, 2015

Rapper B-U-D releases new video, CLT draws more attention nationally

Earlier this week posted a story about four Charlotte rappers giving national audiences reason to pay more attention to hip-hop from the Queen City (click here to read the article). Charlotte-based writer, David Turner, included Raleigh rapper King Mez along with Bankroll Bird, Rashaun Hampton, and Well$ due to Mez's credits on Dr. Dre's "Compton,"

This side of Greensboro, the rap scene seems to be healthier and more crowded than ever before. Deniro Farrar has received national attention, as did Mr. Invisible during its run. Mr. I's Justin Aswell's weekly hip-hop night at Snug Harbor has also helped attract some of the best national underground artists and influential veteran stars to Monday's Knocturnal parties.

Elevator Jay and Rapper Shane (under the name Stranger Day) released two of the best, widely accessible full-length albums in any genre in the past year (both are available for free download).

Charlotte rapper B-U-D is another act to consider. Last year he released a video focusing on the often ignored issue of missing people (those whose friends and families may not have the resources to search, for instance). With his new video "Face the Music," he's having a bit more fun (although maybe not in the intro). He's also got a unique visual take, donning superhero tights and elaborate makeup and creating a sort of space age discotheque. In another clip of him playing Tremont he waddles on stage in one of those inflatable fat suits. You get a sense his vision is something more than your average musician.

You can check out his latest video above.