Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Charlotte indie rock band debuts new single, new label

Charlotte's Junior Astronomers premiered its new single this morning on It's also the first single from the band's new label imprint Fancy Talkers. Check out the song, "6 Weeks in India," here.  The track is unmistakable Junior Astronomers, who have carved out it's own signature post-punk, indie rock sound over the past seven years as a band.

Charlotte's Self Aware Records will release the band's next 7-inch single "Thank You."

Singer Terrence Richard promises that Fancy Talkers isn't just another label in name only. Fancy Talkers will be putting out singles by other artists in the future as well.

Junior Astronomers is currently writing for its upcoming album, the follow-up to the 2013 full-length "Dead Nostalgia," and will perform at Chop Shop during the God Save the Queen City Festival on August 28.