Friday, January 2, 2015

This week's hot concerts

The Luciferian Agenda
Friday  10 p.m., Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon St., $5,  
As hands-on producer for his father David Childers’ acclaimed 2014 album, “Serpents of Reformation,” busy musician Robert Childers drew widespread attention for the unique brand of unbridled, rhythm-centered, gospel-infused folk noir that he regularly creates in his own Luciferian Agenda.

Saturday  10 p.m., Smokey Joe's, 510 Briar Creek Rd., Free,
After traveling the world for nine months - and recording a new album ("The Fearless Corporate Rock Killers") in places like Germany and Greece - Bryan Bielanski returns home to Charlotte to celebrate the resulting album's release.

Jesse Clasen
Saturday  10 p.m., Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon St., $5,  
As vocalist for HRVRD and Bear Romantic the emotive Charlotte singer and producer was never afraid to experiment. Where others might’ve faltered Clasen seems to have a magic touch, pulling off whatever ideas he has with impressive results (running his voice through guitar pedals for instance). He starts off 2015 with a rare solo performance.

Dillon N’ Ashe/Giant Squid Squad
Saturday  9 p.m., Evening Muse, 3227 N. Davidson St., $6,
On its debut album “Far Away” this brother-led Asheville-raised, Boston-based trio illustrates jam-friendly rock with jangly guitars, soulful singing, splashes of reggae and funk, and nimble blues guitar work. It’s paired with Giant Squid Squad, which features members of Actual Proof and Bubonik Funk.

Thera Roya
Sunday  9 p.m., The Milestone, 3400 Tuckaseegee Rd., $5-$7,  
During long, tempo-shifting songs this Brooklyn trio trades in dynamics-driven metal that drifts between noisy, hardcore assault and methodically sludgy stoner metal with passages of dark, textured, lyrical and intricate guitar work that’s at home in an indie rock landscape. With Black Chasm and Lamperjaw.

Tuesday  9 p.m., Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St., $5,  
The electronic outfit headed up by producer Clay Bowman and sound engineer Adam Sweelly celebrates the release of its new EP, which - if its Soundcloud page is any indication - is a collection of easy-on-the-ears, laid back, but danceable electronic music. With Queen City Dub.

Bill Hanna Jazz Jam
Tuesday  9 p.m., Double Door, 1218 Charlottetown Ave., $7,  
Some of the same musicians that help the Bechtler Museum celebrate its fifth anniversary on Friday participate in this long running weekly jazz series headed up by local music legend Hanna who, when not touring or teaching music, has spent the last 55 years playing and building a community for jazz in Charlotte.

Wednesday  10 p.m., Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon St., Free,  
On its 2014 split release with the Seduction, this Charlotte trio formerly known as Stone City demonstrates more range and pop sensibility than your average stoner rock band. There’s a touch of Alice in Chains mixed with a heavy melodic helping of fellow Carolinians ASG. It starts its Wednesday night January residency at Snug this week.

Glen Phillips
Thursday  8 p.m., Neighborhood Theatre, 511 E. 36th St., $20, 
After touring with the reunited Toad the Wet Sprocket, the band's frontman returns for an intimate solo gig with Natalia Zuckerman. Having recently released a collection of demos and B-sides, he's promises rarer tracks from his various musical projects and collaborations.