Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlotte rappers Farrar and Duru Tha King drop new video

Rising Charlotte rappers Deniro Farrar and Duru Tha King released a new video for Duru's track "Torn Love" earlier this week. Farrar also appeared with YB, Bankroll, and Bird on Duru Tha King's hometown anthem "#NewCharlotte" last September.

Farrar enjoyed national attention in 2014. MTV aired his videos and he garnered favorable write-ups in major music magazines as well as toured the US.

You can watch the haunting clip above. It does contain a bunch of profanity, so consider yourself warned. Like much of Farrar's work it presents the struggle and conflict between the hardcore lifestyle of drugs, guns, and crime and spirituality and knowing what's right and wrong, which comes from family and community.