Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Watch Junior Astronomers' new CLT-set video

Charlotte rock band Junior Astronomers released a video for the track "Before Crimes" from its new album "Dead Nostalgia." Directed by Cory Ring, it features some beautiful shots of the city (particularly the skateboarder shot from above while riding down the spiral parking deck across from the arena). The footage is also layered on top of each other, which adds an artistic twist. The whole thing just has a cool look to it. You'll see local landmarks like the Phat Burrito (which makes it into yet another music video), downtown, and - is that the school bus terminal (why didn't I notice them filming in my neighborhood?) - as well as the "The Charlotte Post" and "The Charlotte Observer."

Junior Astronomers play Sunday with friends from Altanta, O'Brother at Tremont Music Hall. Music starts at 7:30. Admission is $10.