Friday, September 20, 2013

This week's hot concerts

Twin Forks/Matrimony
Friday  10 p.m. Evening Muse, 3227 N. Davidson St. $13.50-$16.
Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba didn’t realize when he started writing joyful, acoustic bootstompers that his latest band would be following an international Grammy winning trend that puts him in league with Mumford and Of Monsters and Men. His new band joins Charlotte’s equally joyful Matrimony. With What’s Eating Gilbert.

Funk Fest
Saturday  5 p.m., Memorial Stadium, 310 N. Kings Dr. $35/VIP $85.
The Gap Band’s beloved Charlie Wilson, who continues to work with contemporary artists like Kanye West as release acclaimed solo material, joins Bell Biv Devoe, Rakim, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, and EU (of “Da Butt!” fame) for a blast of radio-ruling `70s, `80s, and early `90s R&B and hip-hop nostalgia.

Aoife O’Donovan
Saturday, Sunday  8 p.m. and 6 p.m., respectively. Stage Door Theater, 130 N. Tryon St. $25.
Having completed the Goat Road Sessions Tour with Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, and Stuart Duncan, the Crooked Still/Sometymes Why vocalist is back on the road with her debut solo album “Fossils,” which connects her newgrass beginnings, thoughtful songwriting, and the chamber folk company she’s been keeping of late.

Pretty Reckless
Sunday  7 p.m. The Fillmore, 1000 NC Music Factory Blvd. $19.
Imagine if “Gossip Girl’s” Jenny Humphrey had gone into rock n’ roll instead of fashion during her goth phase. Well that’s the direction actress Taylor Momsen took when she left the show. The kicker is the unapologetically sexy young singer can belt it out with the best of them and does so with catchy goth-metal.

Sunday  7 p.m.  Tremont, 400 W. Tremont Ave. $10.
This Atlanta progressive modern rock band progresses further on its dynamics-driven new album “Disillusion,” which is heavy, yet soft, wringing with angst and grandiosity (think Muse meets Mastodon), and a creepy, psychedelic claustrophobia - but that’s not a bad thing. It plays with frequent tour mates Junior Astronomers, Daylight, and Native.

Son Volt
Sunday  8 p.m. Visulite, 1615 Elizabeth Ave. $23.
Jay Farrar writes another chapter in his move toward an unplugged, rootsier (as if Son Volt could get rootsier with his Midwestern drawl at its heart) sound with the latest album, “Honky Tonk,” which captures the classic Bakersfield sound without sacrificing the band’s signature style of twang.

Sunday  10 p.m., Label, 900 NC Music Factory Blvd., $40/$80 VIP,
As fans await the Atlanta hip-hop emcee/producer and pop songwriter’s third full-length album, the eclectic collaborator (whose biggest hits have been with unhip-hop artists like Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Bruno Mars) is busy unleashing more hip-hop-friendly singles.

City & Colour
Wednesday  7 p.m. Amos’, 1423 S. Tryon St. $30-$32.
Dallas Green - the former guitarist/singer for Canadian post-hardcore act Alexisonfire - took a decidedly different turn with this pretty, quiet acoustic-based pop songs topped with his high, airy vocals that recall a hipper, contemporary Christopher Cross. It’s won him raves from fans like Pink, who took him on tour as an opening act. With Lucy Rose.

Wednesday  8 p.m. Tremont, 400 W. Tremont Ave. $20-$25.
Forever tied to the Seattle grunge explosion of the early `90s that its credited with inspiring, Mark Arm and company predated the buzz and live long past it still churning out eclectic angry, funny, muddy, punky, bluesy garage rock that doesn’t really fit the description of what we think of as typical flannel-clad “grunge.”