Thursday, September 22, 2011

Like a bad boyfriend, Gn'R is back. Tickets on sale Friday

Axl Rose's latest version of Guns n' Roses will embark on its first US tour in five years this fall. The tour brings Gn'R to Greenville, South Carolina's Bi-Lo Center October 31. Pre-sale started today with tickets going on sale to the public Friday at 10 a.m.

Guns n' Roses was probably my first favorite band. I kept a folder of magazine clippings about them and when I was 12 I wrote a song based on the Axl-related drama I'd read about in those issues of "Hit Parader" and "Metal Edge." I named my cat after him. My current 11-year-old black female is named Slash. I recently sold my beloved Guns n' Roses pinball machine. The Slash-designed pin is by far my favorite, not just because it plays practically all the songs from "Appetite for Destruction" but because it is just a fantastically complex play. Someday I'll have another.

I've been absolutely thrilled to interview Slash and Steven Adler (my 12-year-old self wouldn't have believed it) and I've enjoyed seeing both interpret Guns' work live. Adler's Appetite had an incredible Axl-like vocalist that would make a fine substitute if the rest of the boys wanted to tour together.

That said, I feel a bit like a sucker spending $90 to see Guns today (although it is Row A by the stage). It's like having a bad boyfriend you keep going back to. You don't know if you're going to get the charming guy you fell in love with or the jerk that keeps standing you up.

My sister and I went to see Axl's last version of Gn'R in Greensboro before the release of "Chinese Democracy." The length of time between Papa Roach's opening set and Guns finally hitting the stage was so great my bubbly sis befriended everyone in the circle around us. What we saw of the show was great. Its not like a perfectionist is going to hire crap players and I'm particularly fond of Tommy Stinson in his Replacements' era skinny plaid suits. But we had to leave early since my sister, a school teacher, had to be at work at 7 a.m. (which meant missing "Rocket Queen").

Despite the uncertainty, I'm still spending my Halloween in Greenville. I did however, after witnessing Rose's tardiness last time, buy seats instead of standing on the floor. Would I rather spend my money on a proper reunion? Of course, but I'll take what I can get even if its seeing all the original members separately (which seems to be where I'm headed).


  1. Axl would have to pay me to sit through this trash.

  2. If it's only Axl then it's not really GnR.

  3. Any GnR lineup that doesn't have Slash, Duff, etc is not worth seeing. It's a shame that Axl won't get his head out his a** and realize that. I'd rather see the GnR coverband that plays as Amos' than see this current wannabe garbage.

  4. Tommy brings shame on the Replacement legacy by playing in this band.