Monday, July 25, 2011

Kanye & Jay-Z announce NC show

Kanye West and Jay-Z announced today that the two hip-hop juggernauts have formed a new group called The Throne. The Throne will release its debut album, "Watch the Throne," exclusively on iTunes August 8. That same day tickets go on sale to the public for the duo's upcoming tour which includes an October 30 show at Greensboro Coliseum.

Starting Thursday, July 28, fans who visit will have access to presale tickets that include a digital copy of the album. Citi card holders will also have access to presale tickets starting July 29. Fans can download the lead track, "Otis," starting today, July 25 when they pre-order a copy of the album. The album will be made available to other online retailers and physical copies of "Watch the Throne" will be in stores August 12.


  1. Oh well at least Charlotte got U2. Oh snap, we didn't.

    Well, we got the ACC Tournament coming, right? Nope. Atlanta in 2012 and GSO in 2013/4/5.

    Nice to see all that money we dumped into the arena get us absolutely nothing.

  2. Paul McCartney
    Lady Gaga
    Keith Urban
    Chris Tucker
    Martin Lawrence
    Britney Spears
    Taylor Swift

    These are all recent shows. Time Warner Cable Arena is doing quite well contrary to what the first person is trying to insinuate.

  3. Foo Fighters/Social Distortion

    Its JayZ and Kanye's Loss

  4. I'll take Foo Fighters over these talentless hacks.

    Other stuff arena has brought to Charlotte:

    AHL Franchise
    NCAA Tourney
    NHL Pre-season game (coming 9/25/11)
    Democratic National Convention

  5. Greensboro is a better venue. You can see and enjoy show no matter what angle

  6. Greensboro is also SIGNIFICANTLY bigger.