Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gwar on G4 tonight; kicks off tour in Charlotte later this month

Gwar, who kicks off its upcoming North American tour at Amos' Southend on Tuesday October 18, will be featured on tonight's episode of G4's "Attack of the Show." Host Candace Bailey (pictured above with Gwar) was at last month's second annual Gwar B-Q at The National in the band's home(earth)town of Richmond where she was unceremoniously fed to The World Maggot.

The Gwar B-Q segment airs tonight at 7 p.m. with repeats throughout the week. You can also watch it online beginning Wednesday. TV host and comedian Don Jamieson of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" was also on hand. The bill also included Gwar side projects like the Dave Brockie Experience and Mensrea as well as Darkest Hour and Kepone.

"Attack of the Show" certainly isn't the theatrical horror rock band's first time on television. I remember being stopped in my tracks on my way to the cafeteria in college as Oderus and the gang were featured on an episode of "Jerry Springer" - airing on Queens' big screen in the middle of the afternoon. Until recently frontman Oderus Urungus was a correspondent on Fox News' "Red Eye." He tweeted that he was "canned because Sarah Palin complained that we disemboweled her." If you're at all familiar with Gwar you know they've been beheading and gutting puppet replicas of politicians and celebrities on stage for decades. No party is safe.

Some friends of mine went to both the show and meet and greet where Gwar had a good laugh over the cassettes my friend had them sign (I'm guessing the same cassettes we'd been listening to since I first discovered Gwar during said friend's 7th grade birthday party). They report that the Gwar B-Q that was served was actually good and saved the bottle of Gwater they purchased (pictured below). Honestly, I can't imagine eating anything at a Gwar show.

Tickets for Gwar's show at Amos' with Every Time I Die and Ghoul are $20-$23 and are available at www.etix.com.

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  1. GWAR!!! I will be going to see them for the 10th time this month. I think I'll stand in the back this time though. The past two times I've been right at the barricade when it collapsed and broke several ribs. Good times though...never a dull moment at a GWAR show :-)

    Thanks for the post Courtney!