Thursday, August 18, 2011

Between 2 Rivers Festival highlights local and regional artists Saturday

The Between 2 Rivers Music Festival takes place in Belmont Saturday, August 20, boasting 10 bands in 10 hours. The festival, which benefits The Wounded Warrior Project and Gaston Hospice, kicks off at noon and features performances by Jeff Luckadoo, the Wiggle Wagons, David Childers, Pullman Strike (pictured above), Truckstop Preachers, Man's Ear, the Piedmont Boys, Harvest, and Jackson Taylor & the Sinners.

Tickets are $10. The festival will be held at The String Bean Market and Deli (106 N. Main St.) in Bemont's historic district. Learn more about the bands and the event here.


  1. those dudes in Pullman Strike are Awesome!

  2. Pullman Strike is my favorite local band!

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