Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hinder's show at Amos' Thursday cancelled after bus crash

Hinder's show at Amos' Southend Thursday has been cancelled. The band was involved in a bus crash on I-40 this afternoon in Cookeville, Tenn. There were no fatalities, but the band's bus driver, lighting technician, and bass player were treated for injuries.

The bus driver was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The two other passengers were treated at Cookeville Regional Hospital.

Heavy rains may be to blame. The bus hit a tractor trailer that had slowed or stopped in the road due to the weather. An SUV was also involved, but neither driver suffered life threatening injuries. A portion of I-40 was shut down temporarily. It has since reopened.

The bus driver's service dog did disappear following the accident, but has since been found.

This isn't the first bus accident the Oklahoma hard rock band best known for the hit single "Lips of An Angel" has been involved in. Hinder cancelled part of its tour in 2013 after a tour bus accident.