Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CLT rapper drops infectious new EP at monthly Southern hip-hop night

Charlotte-native Elevator Jay releases his new EP "Sum'na Say" Tuesday. He celebrates with a listening party at the monthly Southern hip-hop night at Snug Harbor called Playa Made that he hosts and DJs with Rapper Shane (formerly Stranger Day) and Ahuff.

You can also catch him live this weekend at Clture Fest at ChopShop, where he'll perform early in the day. The eclectic indie rock, roots and hip-hop lineup features several Carolina artists include the Love Language, TOW3RS, RBTS Wins, and Susto along with Charlotte's Miami Dice, Serfs, Rapper Shane, Pullman Strike, Elevator Jay, Modern Primitives, Stereoloud, the Tills, Late Bloomer, and Susto. Philly's Man Man and Utah's Desert Noises will headline.

He will also perform an afternoon set at Snug Harbor July 4th celebration with Rapper Shane and Three 6 Mafia's acclaimed female emcee Gangsta Boo.

You can check out "Sum'na Say" at Elevator Jay's Bandcamp site or his Soundcloud page. He's offering it as a free download, but it will also be for sale on iTunes and under Bandcamp's Name Your Price program. He may even give some copies away at the listening party tonight.

Although I've only had a couple days with it, so far "Sum'na Say" is pretty terrific. It's always a good sign if I'm listening to something and my husband asks if I have a download of it to share. What I think caught his ear was just how catchy and smooth it is. He praised the melodies and ventured that it was as good as any current hip-hop he'd encountered lately.

My favorite tracks so far are "Ride Out" and "Chicken Wangz." Both coast on that smooth, timeless quality that I think encompasses the idea of transcending genres, which Rapper Shane mentioned to me while describing his friend's new EP.

Check out the links and Elevator Jay live this weekend at Chop Shop.