Friday, February 20, 2015

CLT rapper raises concern for missing persons in new video

In his new long-form music video for the track "I'm Lost," Charlotte rapper B-U-D tackles the issue of missing persons. Although he hasn't lost someone himself, he found the overwhelming number of times he encountered missing people through the news and online disturbing. He wrote the aforementioned track to draw more attention to the problem.

"You cannot watch TV without seeing breaking news of someone missing or listen to the radio without hearing about a missing person or go on the internet and see missing people on social media," B-U-D (aka Edgar Savage II) explains via email. "I felt that a song like this was needed for people to hear and to spread awareness about missing people worldwide. Some stories have a good ending and other stories are left without any evidence of what really happened."

While many faces are splashed across social media and nightly news, others are forgotten without multimedia exposure.

He hopes the video will spur viewers to act, not just monetarily but by reposting photos and stories of missing people instead of simply passing over them on Facebook or Twitter and spreading the word in other ways.

"The mini film is to not only draw more attention, but to give people the feel of how family, friends, and other loved ones really feel when someone is missing," adds Savage, whose Alvin (Midway) Person-directed video features friends as well as family members in the cast.

The track was produced by B-U-D's frequent collaborator Octo5.

B-U-D describes himself as an eccentric, eclectic performer. Born in the `80s, he has been engulfed in music since age 9. You can learn more and hear more of B-U-D's music here.