Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Locals bands unite to help musician injured in hit-and-run

While walking home on the morning of November 4 local musician Luke Hill was struck by a vehicle at the corner of E. 36th and The Plaza. The car did not stop. Hill was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center with a broken arm and fractured ribs and brain surgery was performed to relieve bleeding and pressure.

Friends and colleagues from local bands will play Neighborhood Theatre Saturday to help cover Hill's medical expenses.

Friends and co-workers report that Hill, who was initially in ICU and placed in a medically induced coma, has since woken up and is talking. Hill is a bartender at Neighborhood Theatre and plays in the band Animals. I knew of him from the band Public Radio, where his animated, shirtless wailing on the drum kit always brought to mind Tommy Lee.

Given the outpouring of generosity his accident has sparked in the local community, it's safe to say Hill is deeply beloved. Saturday's concert features Animals (with Leo Solis stepping in for Hill), Flagship, Junior Astronomers, WARSONG, One Amazing Kid, Jeremiah Wilde, Solis, Business People, and Deep Sky. T-shirts and patches and other items are also being sold to raise money.

As of Tuesday donations had reached nearly $18,000 through a GoFundMe page for Hill and his wife Charis started six days ago.

Businesses have also donated items for a raffle Saturday. Greenlight Tattoo, for instance, is offering up three $150 certificates toward tattoos as part of the raffle.

The funding goal is initially $20,000, but mounting medical bills and lost wages will certainly exceed that. Even if you don't know Hill, the show at Neighborhood Theatre features a great lineup of local artists and I always encourage people to catch local multi-band bills where they can really get a good overview of what Charlotte's music scene has to offer. It's also a chance to witness an outpouring of generosity that we don't witness often enough.

Admission is a $10 or $20 donation. All proceeds will go to benefit Hill. T-shirts are available for purchase here. Tickets to the show are available here.

Photo courtesy of Neighborhood Theatre.