Friday, October 10, 2014

Sons of Bill fans put money where mouth is

Rolling Stone may have put Sons of Bill at the top of its list of must-see fall country tours recently, but it didn't offer a money back guarantee. Leave that to two die-hard Sons of Bill fans calling themselves Fans of Bill.

Charlotte's Derek Farley and Carl Fochler are offering to reimburse anyone who attends a Sons of Bill show on the current tour in support of the new album "Love and Logic" and isn't blown away. Sons of Bill plays Visulite Theatre Saturday, October 18. 

It's a tall order and one I've heard thrown around by fans before. But none ever actually went so far as to put an offer out there in print. 

Farley, who owns a public relations firm, and Fochler, who co-owns NASCAR #77 team, are so confident in the Charlottesville, VA band of brothers and the strength of the new album that they are certain they won't have to follow through on the promise. 

If someone does want their money back they can direct message @fansofbill on Twitter for information on how to receive the reimbursement. Unsatisfied concert goers just need to provide a photo of their ticket stub.

"Our budget is zero because they are that good," said Fochler, who introduced Farley to the group when the two were roommates at West Virginia University. "Unless you're tone deaf or allergic to fun, you are in for a great night of music with our favorite band."