Saturday, June 21, 2014

Few tickets left for Andy the Doorbum's LP performance Friday

It's not often you buy a ticket to a show not knowing what to expect, but Charlotte musician, visual and performance artist Andy the Doorbum asks fans and friends to trust his artistry Friday when he celebrates the release of his new album "The Fool" with a show that strikes me as pretty special. All I know from his text, Instagram post, and Tumblr is that it's an hour long performance at a warehouse behind Charles Holloman Productions in Southend.

I know only 100 tickets were available and about 80 of those are already spoken for. Tickets, which include a vinyl copy of "The Fool" with digital download, are $20 for standard 180 gram black vinyl and $25 for limited edition marbled vinyl. I opted for the latter, which is limited to 100.

I don't know what to expect from the show, but doors open at 7 p.m. and no one will be allowed inside after the show starts at 8 p.m. (hmmm...I hope there's no audience participation).

I do know that while Charlotte is known for NASCAR, banking, and sports, it's home to one of the most unique musicians and performance artists in the Southeast in Andy Fenstermaker, who got his stage name working the door at the Milestone Club almost a decade ago (wow, time flies).

In the last few years he's committed himself fully to artistic pursuits I can't always explain outside of music and visual art, but he's a passionate and inspiring person. His song "The Sisters" is the title to a chapter in a book I'm working on. I can listen to that song and I'm completely transported into this world that I created and that Andy's song helps me get back to.

It's not just his art that's inspiring. It's him. About eight months ago my husband came home from Snug Harbor. He said he'd talked to Andy and had decided to go back to school. Less than a month later he was enrolled at UNCC studying geology and environmental science. I don't know what Andy said, but it must've been something.

So I trust whatever Andy the Doorbum has in store for his audience. We see entertainment and how it's aggressively marketed on a daily basis. I suspect there will be more to this than that.

If you're curious, hop on those tickets. They'll be gone soon. Follow this link and click on the picture. Tickets are only available through pre-sale and won't be for sale at the door.

(Photo by Sarah Sitkin)