Friday, April 4, 2014

NC web series features live music, interviews

Tonight Western Carolina acoustic trio Red June is the featured artist on "The Lingua Musica Show" - a web series that features interviews and performances and tapes live before a studio audience at Arden, NC's Moonlight Mile studio.

While the Asheville area may be too far for most readers to travel, you can watch "Lingua Musica" on YouTube each month here. The tapings are invitation only since the space only holds about 50 people, but you can email to reserve a spot in the crowd for tonight (seats are still available) or for a future taping. It's free.

Friday Red June will discuss its upcoming album "Ancient Dreams" as well as perform new tunes. The album is out April 15. The next guest is Asheville songwriter Emily Easterly who'll perform Saturday, April 19.

"Lingua Musica" is the brainchild of host Joe Kendrick, a DJ at WNCW in Spindale who conducts the interviews (that's him interviewing Aaron Burdett in March). We profiled Kendrick, who has long conducted radio and web series to discuss different aspects of music and highlight particular artists - many of them regional. We profiled him in "The Observer" last February. You can read more about him here.

For more information on "Lingua Musica" click here.