Monday, November 25, 2013

Surgery for King's X singer following Amos' show

If you missed King's X's show at Amos’ Southend Saturday, then you missed seeing an artist sing through his pain, soldiering on through what had to be excruciating. I'm not talking about a broken heart either. Younger bands could learn a lot from King's X's 62-year-old singer and bass player Doug (aka dUg) Pinnick, who despite a ruptured hernia that will require surgery, gave Charlotte fans a full show. Two fans were overheard gushing about a set list that was "the best set list I've ever seen."

With his crew looking worried, Pinnick turned away from the crowd, addressed his pain and gathered himself between songs. The only part of the show that was cut short was the encore. It was then that his pain was truly evident. He said he couldn't sing and asked the crowd to. From a bar stool at the front of the stage he let the crowd carry the song - and what a crowd it was. Stacked with musicians and die-hard fans the audience not only out-sang pretty much any other crowd ever, it handled the harmonies too.

Pinnick, who was reportedly in shock, was rushed to the hospital following the show. He missed the band’s meet and greet afterward. Sunday’s show near Washington, D.C. was cancelled.

In July Pinnick underwent hernia surgery thanks to nearly 600 fans and friends who donated more than $26,000 to a fundraiser to help pay for his operation. Pinnick, like many musicians, does not have insurance. Saturday wasn't the first time he's played through the pain. He’d postponed this summer's surgery because of the cost. According to Pinnick’s health issues follow drummer Jerry Gaskill’s own tough year. He lost his home to Hurricane Sandy months after a 2012 heart attack. Read more about Pinnick’s situation and his upcoming surgery here and here.