Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Playlist 2013

It's my favorite holiday again. Time to get my Joey Ramone and Frankenstein ready for trick or treating. But before I go I thought I'd post another Halloween playlist. Last year's list was fairly easy. But having used those usual suspects the Misfits, Siouxsie's "Halloween," Rob Zombie, and Wednesday 13, I had to dig a little deeper this year. Some of these are truly creepy (our own Andy the Doorbum's "The Sisters," Siouxsie's "Obsession," and Boss Hog's "Texas" are simply ominous). Others are pure fun ("Pet Sematary," "Werewolf Women," and "Lake Pontchartrain"). Others just carry on scary Halloween themes - ghosts, zombies, and the like.

I've included the video for "Pet Sematary" because my son is Joey Ramone for Halloween and because it's one of my very favorite Ramones' songs. Happy Halloween gentle readers.

“Halloweenhead” - Ryan Adams
“Candy Song” - Tuscadero
“Sadie” - Alkaline Trio
“The Sisters” - Andy the Doorbum
“Is There a Ghost” - Band of Horses
“Living Dying Living/In a Zombie World” - The Accused
“The Killing Type” - Amanda Palmer
“Texas” - Boss Hog
“Pet Sematary” - Ramones
“Obsession” - Siouxsie & the Banshees
“Bring Me Your Daughter…To the Slaughter” - Iron Maiden
“Your Ghost” - Kristin Hersh
“Monster” - L7
“Lake Pontchartrain” - Ludo
“The Angels and the Darlas” - Say Hi To Your Mom
“Werewolf Women of the SS” - Rob Zombie
“The Undertaker”  - Southern Culture on the Skids