Sunday, August 4, 2013

Donny & Marie bring Christmas to Greensboro

My dad liked to tell this story about how when I was about 3-years-old I told the cashier at the grocery store - my favorite place to impart ridiculous nuggets of information to strangers - that he was "a little bit country,” and I was “a little bit rock n’ roll.” Sadly I’ve never been accused of being clairvoyant, but looking back I was right. My father was a hardcore bluegrass fan. More than a little bit country. I don’t dislike country now. I absolutely love Steve Earle and Miranda Lambert and Loretta Lynn and newer kinda country artists like David Mayfield and Lydia Loveless. I can listen to those for hours, but nine times out of ten I'll choose fast-paced, distorted guitar-driven rock over a ballad or a folky number. I was most definitely the rock yin to my father’s country yang.

That memory came flooding back with the announcement that the siblings that served as my inspiration that day at the checkout are coming to Greensboro. Donny and Marie will celebrate Christmas Osmonds-style with a 15-city tour that brings the former “Dancing With the Stars” competitors (she fainted, he won!) to Greensboro Coliseum on December 9. And yes, they’re doing “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock n’ Roll,” as well as “Puppy Love,” “Paper Roses” and choice holiday tunes.

The Christmas run isn’t a new departure from their residency at The Flamingo in Vegas. But for the tour's third year Donny and Marie are hitting secondary markets like Cleveland, Tulsa, and Greensboro. The show’s format echoes the banter and music-filled TV series I adored as a child (although I think I watched for Jimmy) as well as its current hit Vegas show. 

Tickets go on sale August 16. For tickets and more information visit 

Here’s hoping they do Donny’s “Soldier of Love.” Because it’s a little bit rock n’ roll. Or at least Top 40.
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