Thursday, March 7, 2013

See Beach House and Ray Wise's crazy new video

When I saw the new Beach House video starring actor Ray Wise, who despite a zillion other roles will always creep me out as Laura Palmer's dad from "Twin Peaks," I had to share. The Eric Wareheim directed clip for the ethereal track "Wishes" features Wise at the center of a mad fantastical dance-off meets half-time show. It's hilarious at times and dream-like at others. It's also so strange you can't really turn it off.

Wareheim is that crazy dude from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job!" That might explain the madness, but Wareheim, who counts Beach House as a favorite band says it was vocalist Victoria Legrand's imagination that planted the seed for the scene, which you can check out for yourself above. 

While I love the Beach House record, I clicked on the clip when I saw Wise. He starred in soaps in `80s ("Dallas," "The Colbys," Knots Landing - I watched 'em all) before carving out a spot in cult TV history as the distraught and intense Leland Palmer in the `90s (his violent breakdown on Laura's look-alike cousin Madeleine prompted my best friend's grandpa to declare me and my taste in TV shows "not quite right"). Since then he's appeared on everything from "Chuck" to "Reaper" (where he played the Devil) to "24" to "Dollhouse" to "Castle" to "How I Met Your Mother" to name but a few of his credits. Needless to say, I'd love for him to show up at Dragoncon (the sci-fi convention) in Atlanta some time.