Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snug festival focuses on solo performers Saturday

The electronic music age has given musicians tools like laptops and looping pedals so that being a one man band no longer means just strumming an acoustic guitar and singing into a microphone - although that still works too. It's still pretty impressive to see one person multitask on stage and it's an economical solution for the artists.

Saturday, February 2, Snug Harbor in Plaza-Midwood focuses on such solo acts as it celebrates another loner - the Groundhog - with "Me Myself & I Solo Festival: Celebrating the Solo Performer."

The concept was conceived by two solo artists, Lee Grutman of outrageous puppet-rock act (for lack of a better term - he combines dance music and stuffed animals) Your Fuzzy Friends and Robert Childers, who has done time in so many Charlotte bands (including 2013 Wolves and Overmountain Men) that I lost count years ago.

Both will perform solo along with Andy the Doorbum, Bo White, Human Pippi Armstrong, and Brandaddy Longlegs. What's more, the price of admission reflects the loner-theme as well. It's $1. 9 p.m.