Friday, October 26, 2012

Columbia band unveils debut video

When Israeli-bred, NYC-based dance duo Hank and Cupcakes played Amos' Southend in May 2011, the  venue was nearly cavernous - meaning empty. This didn't reflect negatively on the band, who put on a pumping, jumping, fun set for the ten of us or so gathered in front of the stage. Columbia-based electro-pop act Death of Paris was added to the bill last minute. And despite the near-empty room, they showed a lot of promise that night.

I believe they also played with H&C elsewhere. The couple from Tel Aviv (who were some of the nicest people I've ever seen on tour, especially considering the circumstances) made a connection with the young band from the deep South. This week the South Carolina female-front four-piece joins Hank & Cupcakes again in Charleston and Myrtle Beach. I wish you could see both here. 

Death of Paris admittedly haven't had the easiest time breaking into the Charlotte market,, which confounds me because they're a good band with potential draw. They've played here a handful of times. The group's first video (above) shows how far they've come in a year and half. Certainly an act to keep an eye on. I'd recommend catching both DoP and H&C live. For more on Death of Paris click here