Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Indie bands rockin' the Haunted Mill Wednesday

The Haunted Mill in Belmont has long been a Halloween tradition in the area, but before the season officially kicks off this weekend (with buy one get one free tickets) the Mill hosts the most recent in a series of live music concerts called PotLuck XIII. This week's acts include Roanoke-based indie dream pop outfit Eternal Summers, Philly noise-pop combo Bleeding Rainbow (formerly Reading Rainbow, video featured above), and Charlotteans Yardwork and Blossoms.

The PotLucks (which actually start out with a pot luck dinner, so bring a dish if you're so inclined) are the work of Gaston County-based promoter and booking agent Philip Shive who was a partner in the resurrected Milestone Club and is still responsible for some of that venues' upcoming big shows (the Ataris Saturday, Cursive Tuesday, Kevin Seconds October 22, and Halloween's MXPX/Unwritten Law double bill). Shive lives in Belmont and the Mill shows allow him to bring in bands closer to the home. It's also a unique venue and live music keeps the Mill, which also features mini golf, more active during the year's less fright-friendly months.

Admission to Wednesday's Eternal Summers' show is $8. Doors open at 8 p.m., show starts at 9 p.m. For an extra $5 you can play unlimited mini golf and check out the haunted attraction as well.