Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Avetts set release date

The Avett Brothers announced today that it will release its anxiously awaited new album "The Carpenter" on September 11. The band posted the following message on Facebook this morning: 

"Today we are excited to announce that on the eleventh of September, we will release our 6th full length album, THE CARPENTER. The second song on the record, 'Live and Die' is available today NPR Music for anyone who would like to hear it. A continued thanks to all those who support us in our artistic pursuits and our ongoing travels. See you soon... -THE AVETT BROTHERS"

The Concord band, who plays the Vancouver International Jazz Festival today, performed the song "Murder in the City" last Thursday on "Conan." Readers may remember Conan O'Brien gave the band its first national late night talk show debut a few years back when he was still on NBC. You can watch the clip above.