Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fetchin' Bones before your time? Take a peek.

 Last week while scanning YouTube videos for veteran Charlotte bands for the column on Tremont's 17th anniversary I stumbled across the above clip of Charlotte's long defunct Fetchin Bones playing CBGB's. I wasn't around to witness Fetchin Bones' run, which began in 1985. They were signed to Capitol Records in the late `80s and released four albums between `85 and `89.

By the time I moved to Charlotte front woman Hope Nicholls had moved on to Sugarsmack with her husband Aaron Pitkin. That band was signed to Sire Records. I really dug its "Tank Top City" album and its live show. The fashions alone make the clip worth watching, but the CBGB's video gives some insight into what Fetchin Bones was all about and what Nicholls, who many Charlotteans have watched over the past (going on) three decades, was like early on - a ball of bouncy energy that appears meant for the  rock n' roll stage.


  1. Hope will always be the real deal. Eclectic forever.

  2. Stray, Steamwhistle, and Love Crushing on the ipod. Great late 80s band that had an edge to their sound moreso than their peers REM and The Connells. Great mention!