Thursday, December 1, 2011

From MMMBop to MMMHop, Hanson brewing up its own beer?

According to Entertainment Weekly's Pop Watch Column, Hanson is turning its best known 1997 hit "MMMBop" into a liquid. The group announced at a concert at Oxford University this week that it was launching a signature brand of India Pale Ale in 2012.
Hanson may seem like an unlikely group to launch an alcoholic beverage. With all three brothers married with children (eight between them), the rather wholesome group isn't known for its partying ways or for throwing back brews on stage. But youngest brother Zac Hanson confirms the news through the band's publicist.

"Yes a branded Hanson IPA beer concept is in the works under the moniker 'MmmHops.' We're glad to see a bit of buzz around the idea, which has been brewing for some time," he says.

You can read more about "MMMHops" here. Hanson, who played Amos' Southend in October, embarks on a Canadian tour in late January.

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