Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Graveyard's opening act clocking YouTube hits for bloody on stage meltdown

Swedish `70's, bluesy hard rock throwback Graveyard, who were one of the surprise highlights of 2011's Bonnaroo Festival, play Tremont Wednesday, January 18, with Radio Moscow. The brief set I witnessed at Bonnaroo was enough to get me excited about the show (if you like your hard rock bluesy, gnarly and psychedelic I highly recommend). But opening act Radio Moscow is actually drawing attention for its recent on stage antics.

Its January 7 show in Ames, Iowa ended with blood on stage and guitarist Parker Griggs being rushed to the hospital. You can see what happened in this YouTube clip. Griggs (pictured pre and post-scar above) is clocked squarely in the forehead by his own guitar, which (and here's the kicker) was wielded by his drummer (warning: there's slight profanity at the beginning). The video explains the situation. Griggs, the band's leader, quickly replaced the bassist and drummer the following day. This tour was scheduled to be both members last with the band anyway.

Graveyard, Radio Moscow, and Husky perform Wednesday at Tremont. Tickets are $12-$15 available at www.etix.com. Show starts at 9 p.m.


  1. Ahole deserved it.

  2. Ron from ReidsvilleJanuary 18, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    So THAT's why they call guitars "axes."

  3. None of you non concert goers really know what happened--- I was there and everyones mad at the guy that got HIT with the guitar --- that doesnt make much sense--- a thing called alcohol was also involved and he had gotten really really close to the people leaving the band and was dissapointed and drunk. You know how people can do dumb stuff when their drunk-- Numerous girls there were crying-- that video needs to be taken down-- I dont think he deserved it and when i mean he im talking about my brother you goddamn speculative basterds.YOU DON KNOW SHIT. You really dont. So dont insult my family hes got more fans, girlfriends and supporters than any retards online. People in Cali love them, same as new york city you midwestern dumbasses are speculating about shit you dont understand.